Buy Marked and Burn Shib

buy marked and burn shib

Crypto currency is the future, let’s all do our part to push its adoption. For Marked copies sold on Amazon, I will buy SHIB and burn SHIB.

Every week I will review the sales, take at least 50% of the profit and buy #SHIB. When we hit sales goals, I’ll burn SHIB.

The other 50% of the profit I will loop back into ads, costs, and taxes to keep this thing going.

Write some reviews, enjoy my novel, go #shibarmy.


Amazon Copies Sold:0
SHIB Bought:0
SHIB Burned:0

Shib Goals

  • Goal 1: 500 book sales = Burn 20%  in SHIB.
  • Goal 2: 1000 book sales = Burn 20% in SHIB.
  • Goal 3: 2000 book sales = Burn 20% in SHIB.
  • Goal 4: 5000 book sales = Burn 20% in SHIB, 1 Marked NFT auctioned off with 30% of the proceeds burned.
  • Goal 5: 10,000 book sales = Burn $2,500 in SHIB, 2 Marked NFTs auctioned off with 40% of the proceeds burned.
  • Goal 6: 20,000 book sales = Burn $5,000 in SHIB, 3 Marked NFTs auctioned off with 50% of the proceeds burned.
  • Goal 7: 40,000 book sales = Burn $10,000 in SHIB.
  • Goal 8: 80,000 book sales = Burn $20,000 in SHIB, SHIB will be added Marked’s Map as a city. The signed map will be an NFT with 50% Burned.
  • Goal 9: 90,000 book sales = Burn $30,000 in SHIB
  • Goal 10: 100,000 book sales = Burn $40,000 in SHIB, The city of SHIB will get its own short story with a cutthroat pirate army called #SHIBArmy.
  • Let’s get CRAZY: 100,000+ book sales = I start the sequel. Hire an artist and create a series of NFTs to be sold at 50% burn

Who am I? Check out my site here.

What is SHIB? Find the answer here.

How do you know I’m buying and burning? I will post it above and on twitter @nerd_writer. I will burn to this wallet:0xdead000000000000000042069420694206942069

Why not 100%? Burn everything!!! I have to pay taxes of course and promote the novel. I’m open to burning more, but since burning is such a new concept, I want to give it a go and see how the economics work before I can commit to more.

What is the goal here? Obviously it’s to sell my book which took about a decade to create, but I’m also doing my part to get Shib adopted. If we can show Amazon that crypto can boost book sales, then we are taking a leap into the future of crypto adoption and with that comes freedom from banks and empowerment for developing countries.