Selfie in acrylic

It was a quiet afternoon in 2018. I got my paints out and painted this picture from a selfie I took with my son. 

Graffiti for the boys

For Christmas 2020 we ordered a wall print for our basement and it just didn’t look right, it was pixilated and really wasn’t what we expected. I did a bit of research, found the right spray paint, and made this mural for my boys. Graffiti is a lot of fun because it’s active, fast, and very unpredictable. 

wild pennsylvania

I backpacked up the Allegheny Reservoir and found this remote campsite. The water rippled without sound and the sun disappeared over the hills. When I look at the photo, I’m reminded of the walk and the calmness at the end of my hard work.

american muscle

A great photo can happen anywhere. I was just at a fair with my parents when I saw this beautiful GTO. A close up on the light let me focus on the reflection of the green, pennsylvanian grass reflecting off the polished teal paint. The unique angles of the lights and chrome give the photo some interesting shapes.

a flood in Venice

I took this picture after a heavy rain during a walk in Venice in the Piazza San Marco. The whole square was flooding, clearing everyone out. I ended up getting a lot of the square to myself. The empty chairs and lights reflected in the flood waters caught my attention. 

Abandoned boat

I took this picture walking up the beach in Sardinia, Italy in 2010. It was my first trip to Europe. The stark contrast of the white boat against the green-blue water really caught my eye. I’ve had it as a background over the years. When you first look at the photo, you don’t notice the flattened box almost in the middle. At first, I thought it was careless of me to not move the box when I took the picture, but nothing is ever really perfect and having it there reminds me that imperfection is often what gives art character.