fedex five star award

The Five Star award recognizes team members who have enhanced service and profitability and exemplified the spirit of teamwork. Managers nominate their team members for this annual award, the highest honor at FedEx.

In the two and a half years I worked at Fedex I also received:

  • 3 Bravo Zulu Awards
  • 2 FedEx I.T. Excellence Awards )
  • Fedex S.S.Q.T Connection Award
  • Nominated to join FedEx’s Software Architecture Team

zebra award

Vivisimo, a corporate search engine company, awarded me the Zebra award for my work on Kaiser Permanente’s Doctor Search. The project required extensive onsite, client-facing interactions in Pleasanton CA. 

bs computer science

I graduated in 2009 from The University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. 

For my internship, I worked on a iphone game using the Chipmunk physics engine to create levels for a character to traverse to reach their goal. Iphone development was still very cutting edge, the SDK was only a year old. Our project received a lot of attention for being creative and ambitious. 

LDS Mission

Though I’m no longer practicing, I served a two year spanish-speaking mission for the LDS church in East Los Angeles. In that time, I worked extensive hours knocking doors to share the material and I served the community in hospitals, soup kitchens, and retirement communities. 

a+ certification

At sixteen I started working as a computer repair and network tech. My duties included building and repairing PCs, troubleshooting network issues and expanding the network in the office where needed. I got my a+ certification and for a time worked as a refurb tech while in college.

eagle scout

The Eagles Scout rank is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America with only 4% of Scout attaining the rank. I received my Eagle Scout on March 23rd 1996 at fifteen years old.